Course Description:

A future in computer science begins here. Our introduction to programming starts with the building blocks of a computer. Then it’s all about the 1s and 0s, discovering how coded instructions are executed directly by a computer’s CPU. Building on this knowledge, students learn object-oriented programming concepts with JavaScript, and dive into fun challenges that foster real-world skills.

Our courses are developed and overseen by our Stanford University CS Graduate.

Classes are open to students from any age group or skill level. We have a variety of times where we group students of similar ages together.

The world runs on code. Software jobs are predicted to grow 34% in the next few years, making coding and app development the world’s most in-demand skills. Whether you dream of becoming a Google developer or want to launch your own mobile game startup, your coding path starts here!

Basic Info:

  • 8 lessons (offered weekly or during intensive period daily)
  • Suitable for ages 6-adult
  • Classes arranged according to age group
  • Qualifies student for advanced courses
  • No prior knowledge required, be able to use a computer with basic skill

In this course, students will learn:

  • How to code using object-orientated programming concepts
  • Think like a computer, using logic and gates
  • Understand how programs work and what exactly code does
  • Develop computational thinking skills

At the completion of this course, students can continue to more advanced courses that we offer, such as APP & Website development.

Contact us for more information and a detailed class outline