The SAT is a standardized test used by colleges and universities to aid in admissions decisions.  College Board commissions the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to create the test, which includes Math, Writing, and Critical Reading portions. The SAT is just one factor in admissions decisions.
SAT prep is a proven way to increase your scores. While you need to have a strong foundation in writing, reading, and math to score well, SAT test prep will teach you strategies to get the most from the knowledge you have.
Our SAT classes are separated into two distinct levels, intermediate & advanced. Students are required to write an entrance test before joining classes to determine their level.
Individual Management: making personal test plan/checking critical reading & writing class performance and adjusting study plan according to the condition
Critical Reading & Writing Class: improving testing skills through professional tutoring and extensive review of all problem areas
Vocabulary Test: memory and testing of words
Management with regards to full test
Meeting and Studying at home: making personal study plan after meeting with students and parents/keeping in contact with parents/reporting progress and students’ performance to parents

SAT 1 Reading Example
-Each passages are followed by numbers of questions

-Choose the best answer based on

+Statement/implication in the passage(s).

+graphics(table, graph etc) related to the passage(s).

-65 minutes long

SAT 1 Writing Example
-Some questions requires you to +revise the passage to improve it

+consider how the passage or question might be edited to correct errors in sentence structure/ punctuation/usage.

(sometimes table or graph will be accompanied to help you for revision)

*Many questions have “NO CHANGE” option

-35 minutes long

-Essay question will  give you a passage and write a response about it which will test your dictation, comprehension and analysis

-50 minutes long

SAT 1 Math Example
-Two  parts

1. No-calculator section

+You will be given series of math questions and will have to solve them without using calculator

+No need to show work

+25 minutes long

2. Calculator section

+Same as no-calculator section except calculator is allowed

+55 minutes